The Coalition of State Horse Councils

The Coalition of State Horse Councils (CSHC) is comprised of the individual State Horse Councils (SHCs) that are member organizations of the American Horse Council (AHC).

The CSHC is a long-standing committee and like other AHC committees makes recommendations to the AHC regarding the position of the SHCs on pending federal legislation/regulations.

The CSHC also keeps the AHC informed about state, local and other issues affecting SHCs and their members.

The CSHC also helps involve the SHCs in the work of the AHC, provides national leadership for the SHCs as well as a networking forum and center for information dissemination for horse councils in the various states. The CSHC is an initiator and conduit for strong, effective grassroots activism on issues of importance to the larger horse community and to the well-being of the horse

The CSHC meets in Washington D.C. during the AHC annual June meeting. The CSHC also holds a second meeting in the fall that has historically been focused on issues of specific importance to SHCs.