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State Horse Councils

A message from the chair:

Welcome to our first website presence at www.shcac-ahc.org! We’re excited that you have joined us on this journey, and we hope it will provide communication among state horse councils, SHCAC members/board holders of AHC (American Horse Council) which can be accessed by anyone in America through their computer or mobile device as long they are logged into either one those sites with an internet connection–so stay tuned for updates.

The State Horse Council Advisory Committee (SHCAC) is a standing committee of the American Horse Council who provides advice and recommendations to the AHC on behalf their state affiliate. The mission statement for this body reads, “The goal: To promote horse ownership through education while protecting consumers.”

The SHCAC promotes all facets of the horse industry by providing national leadership for state horse councils and networking. The organization influences legislation and policy through grassroots efforts to regulate sport, race or pleasure enthusiasts with access from trainers/novice riders up to professional athletes in any discipline, including show jumping events, dressage competitions, driving steers but not zebras!

The mission of the SHCAC is to ensure that states are involved in all aspects and levels of AHCA activities. The vision for this organization will be achieved by providing an open forum where leaders from across North America gather, network with one another about current equine issues as well as future plans moving forward; representing every region from coast-to-coast which most effectively brings attention towards not just state horse councils but also gives them opportunities they couldn’t have without such representation!

SHCAC is a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and success of horse care. SHCAC must work tirelessly with all state horse councils in order for them to be successful at what they do best: promoting their industry’s values through activity promotion; supporting those who have been injured on horses by providing rehabilitation services like Physical Rehabilitation Therapy (PRT), Occupational Therapist assistant training programs alongside therapeutic riding schools or independent clinics that offer these therapies as well other medical services including anything from dental hygiene treatment plans through acupuncture/ Chinese medicine consultations – whatever your needs may ask! In addition we provide many types of resources which can cater specifically to each area inside our communities.